West Side a Neighborhood in Indianapolis

West Side a Neighborhood in Indianapolis with a Rich History

The West Side is an older neighborhood in Indianapolis and one with a rich past. It was originally built up for Irish immigrants, but there has been significant growth since that time to make it the vibrant community we know today.

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History of West Side Neighborhood

The West Side was originally built up in the late 1800s for Irish immigrants.  A large portion of these people were employed by the railroad, which is why they settled near Union Station and ended up becoming such a tight-knit community during that time.  It still remains an incredibly affordable neighborhood today because it has not been able to shake its history as being one filled with blue collar workers and families who don’t have much money at all compared to other parts of town. This means there are some homes here that need help but also many opportunities available for those looking to get into real estate or flip houses due to their relatively low price tags when compared with similar properties elsewhere in Indianapolis. The downside is that this area can be dangerous in some parts, especially when you look at the crime statistics during certain times of day.  For example, there are numerous assaults that take place on a weekly basis near the Greyhound bus station and other areas where homeless people congregate because they don’t have anywhere else to go.

There is actually quite an interesting history behind this neighborhood’s name as well. It was initially called “Smoky Row” because all of the homes did not have electricity or running water like many places in Indianapolis do today; residents would rely on gas lamps for light after dark rather than electric lighting within their houses — which also had no insulation back then either so it got cold very quickly! There were even stables built along one side of Washington Street to house the horses that were necessary to pull all of these carriages for residents.  This was also an area where there was a lot of prostitution, which meant it wasn’t exactly one people were clamoring to visit either!

There are many things to do with this neighborhood, but it has been changing over the past few years.  For example, there are many new businesses including coffee shops and breweries that have opened to give residents more entertainment options near their homes. You can also find some of Indy’s best barbecue restaurants here as well!

Additionally, the West Side is known for having some of the best Mexican food in town!  This has led to a lot more Hispanic people moving into this area over the past few years, which means it will probably continue to change even further as time goes on.

West Side Today

Today, the West Side is still growing and changing its face dramatically from what we have seen before.  For example: there are now many art galleries that showcase local artists’ work while also giving residents other things to do near their homes such as attending gallery openings or participating in workshops where they can learn how to create something themselves with all of these materials being available right at home instead of needing to go somewhere else first like an expensive downtown studio might be able to offer.  There are also some pretty cool coffee shops in this area now as well that have opened up to give people yet another option for what they can do with their time, which is important if you don’t want them hanging out on street corners or at the bus station where there could be trouble!