Landmarks in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) is the city’s marquee cultural attraction, housing more than 50 permanent galleries and special exhibition spaces. The IMA has one of the top Asian art collections in North America with many works on display including paintings by Van Gogh and Monet. If you want to learn about local history or find out what’s happening in town, head over to the Indiana History Center museum which features a genealogy center where visitors can research their own family tree as well as exhibits that cover everything from state history and sports memorabilia to politics. One landmark not to miss while visiting Indy is Monument Circle—officially known as “Washington Street Mall”—located at the intersection of Washington and Meridian Streets. The large, circular plaza has a Civil War memorial in the center featuring statues of George Washington on horseback as well as Abraham Lincoln standing next to Henry Bacon’s “Warsaw Soldier” statue from Poland.

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The Childrean’s Museum- In downtown Indianapolis, the Children’s Museum is one of Central Indiana’s most popular attractions. The museum focuses on providing children with hands-on exhibits where they can explore learning through play and interact with other kids their age from all over the world. There are more than 100 interactive activities for kids to engage in such as building a skyscraper out of large wooden blocks or creating an underwater scene by adding sand and small pails to create waves that move along a seaside shoreline.

The Lucas Oil Stadium is known throughout sports circles as “the House That Manning Built,” since it was Peyton Manning’s record $23 million donation that helped bring this stadium into existence back in 2006 when he played for the Indianapolis Colts football team (he now plays for the Denver Broncos). The stadium holds over 63,000 people and is sometimes used as a host site during college basketball’s Final Four. This venue has also been home to several concerts including Bruce Springsteen in 2009.

Monument Circle- Monument Circle—officially known as “Washington Street Mall”—located at the intersection Washington and Meridian Streets features statues from wars fought around the world including Poland, Vietnam, and Iraq.

Indiana State Museum- The Indiana State Museum is home to the world’s largest children’s museum and contains almost 70,000 square feet of exhibits that focus on state history such as sports memorabilia from high school basketball athletes.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway- Since 1909, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been hosting automobile races and is now one of only two remaining tracks to host Formula One events in the United States. The track’s most recent renovations were completed back in 2007 when it underwent a $100 million facelift that included more seating for fans with disabilities as well as new restroom facilities.

Indianapolis Zoo- In addition to being home to one of the world’s largest primate habitats, which houses endangered species such as western lowland gorillas and chimpanzees, the Indianapolis Zoo is also a popular place for taking family vacations during the summer. It features more than 800 animals on its property including giraffes from South Africa, alligators from Louisiana swamps and black rhinos from Kenya’s savannah grasslands.