Haughville a Neigborhood in Indianapolis

Haughville is a neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was once an independent town and now lies within the city limits of Indianapolis but is often considered to be apart from it or simply unincorporated Marion County due to its relative distance from the rest of the county which borders it on three sides with other cities: Speedway across 42nd Street (U.S. Route 40) near 38th Avenue, Lawrence North across Rockford Road near 52nd Street while Washington Township bounds Haughville along 56th street southward until 86th street where Westfield begins at Shadeland Avenue/State Road 32.

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The area was annexed by Indianapolis between 1910-1914 when Congress passed legislation requiring all land outside incorporated towns containing military ammunition plants or national defense industries to be annexed within a three-year period or the land would revert back to the state.

Haughville was first platted in 1859 by Richard W Haugh and William N Butler when they divided up their farmland into lots for sale, it became an independent town on January 16th 1861 with its boundaries at Michigan Street to 38th Avenue from Rockford Road westward until 40th Street (the south border also being Railroad tracks upon which is now Keystone Avenue). The area had many amenities that residents of other towns didn’t have like paved streets (even sidewalks) sewer systems, electric lighting and even telephone service before Indianapolis got them all adding further insult to injury as time went by and Indianapolis expanded outwards under annexation mandates swallowing up other unincorporated towns.

The area has been, for the most part, a stable working class community with affordable housing and many urban farms/gardens since it was founded over 150 years ago (the oldest house in Haughville is 111 years old at 112th & Hoyt Ave) while also being considered one of Indianapolis’ worst neighborhoods due to high levels of crime and poverty yet there are still some positive things going on like art-related projects such as murals paintings and sculptures which can be seen around town. It was once home to its own elementary school called “Haughville” but now has only two schools within the neighborhood borders: Perry Meridian Middle School near 60th Street between Keystone Avenue & I-465 on the south side and George Washington Community High School on the north side near 52nd Street & Franklin Road.

The neighborhood is also home to many churches as well, there are about ten with several being African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Churches such as two of them located at 54th & Hoyt Ave: New St Paul AME Church which was founded in 1887 and Bethesda AME church which celebrated its centennial this year while another one called Greater Love Missionary Baptist Church can be found around 28th Street between Keystone Avenue & I-65/70 just east of Sherman Drive. Haughville has been a predominantly African American community since 1900 making up 96% percent of the population according to census records but recent years has seen an influx Hispanic immigrants moving into the community (mainly Puerto Ricans and Mexicans) which has increased to around 25% of residents.

Haughville is home to the Haughville Marketplace Shopping Center located at 38th & Washington St with several businesses, grocery store and a branch library as well as its own post office along Hoyt Ave near 30th Street between Keystone Avenue & I-65/70 just east of Sherman Drive in addition to being one mile south west from West Indianapolis aka Irvington which lies on the other side of I-465 off 42nd Street while also making it only four miles north east from downtown Indianapolis near Michigan Street where major attractions like Lucas Oil Stadium, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indiana Convention Center all can be found.