Downtown Indianapolis

Downtown, or Mile Square, is a busy urban core with the grand Indiana State House at its center. Office towers surround Monument Circle, and the imposing War Memorial presides over several ceremonial lawns. Fans pack Old National Centre for live music or Bankers Life arena for basketball. The Indianapolis Zoo and White River State Park bring a unique mix of outdoor activities to the downtown area.

Indianapolis Cremation Service

IndyGo buses serve all parts of town, including stops at Monument Circle. The Cultural Trail provides cyclists, walkers and runners with an easy path through Indy’s center city neighborhoods. Taxis can be hailed on their way or called ahead for rides from hotels; fare rates are regulated by the government (as is common in many countries). Downtown parking meters take credit cards but don’t give change back! Metered spots typically cost $0.50 per hour during weekday afternoons/evenings; free evenings/weekends with unlimited time limits exist as well, so check signage before you park your car! Finally, there are garages and lots everywhere, so don’t be afraid to park on the street or in a parking lot.

IndyCo is an excellent website for commuters and bikers alike that provides maps of bike trails, hikes and more! The city’s flat terrain makes biking easy even if you’re not athletic; pick up a rental at one of many local shops (like Indy Cycle Specialist) before heading downtown to explore. Public transportation also runs through most neighborhoods with stops every few blocks like College Avenue near Butler University or Meridian Street off Massachusetts Ave. Be aware though: public buses don’t run as frequently as the streetcar does! Downtown Indy has no shortage of things to do during any season throughout the year either—shoppers love Circle Centre mall which contains a large movie theater, local boutiques and chain stores such as Applebees.

Even if you’re not a sports fan, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun in Indy! The city is home to thousands of acres worth of parks including White River State Park with the Indianapolis Zoo (where animals roam free) and Military Park which contains an art museum. There’s even more shopping at Castleton Square Mall or Greenwood Park Mall—both malls offer great restaurants for dinner dates too! If live music is your thing then check out Old National Centre for national acts like Travis Scott looking for party vibes or Bankers Life Fieldhouse Arena on Mass Ave to see Drake perform live .  There’s always something going on in Indy even when it snows—just ask any resident and they’ll tell you how much fun these snowy months can be!

What are some good activities to do during the summer? What about wintertime? How many public transportation options exist for commuters within the city limits of Indianapolis? Where is White River State Park located, and what kinds of animals live there (in addition to those at the zoo)? Can bikers bike year-round here or only certain seasons/months throughout the calendar year? What kind of restaurants does Greenwood Park Mall contain (aside from fast food chains), and where is Castleton Square Mall located relative to downtown Indianapolis?